An artist’s image is one of the key components to building hype and standing out from the competition. With social media users flying past dozens of Instagram photos every second, and with Tweets being expanded with graphics and images, great visuals and visual content is a marketing tactic that record labels can’t ignore. So…when Warner Music approached us with the task of finding a brand image for one of their latest talents, Myles Castelo, we had to say yes!

We packaged the videos and presented them to the Warner marketing execs and A&R teams where they tested the varied looks and styles. It was a tough choice, but ultimately the client arrived at the look their research showed would resonate with fans the best – happy to have had different options to consider in order to determine the best brand image.

Warner executives knew his music was ready for the world. But the challenge they faced was how best to sell his “image” to potential fans. They were looking for an image that they could build a brand around and that would resonate with the public when it came to Myles’ youthful R&B-infused music.

We decided the best approach was to create a series of ‘mini’ music videos that showcased Myles in various location settings and fashion styles. We produced each video to have its own stylistic approach that would showcase Myles in different looks – from the slick R&B studio performer with clean tailored fashion, to an Urban street hustler with dance moves to match, from themature songwriter with sex appeal, to the consummate pop artist with playful energy.