We were engaged to produce a series of content for Tim Horton’s in-restaurant television channel Tim’s TV – displayed on screens in over 2200 Tim Hortons locations across the country. Not only does the company promote Tim Hortons’ quality, freshness and brand values on their channel, as well as provide local news and weather updates, it’s also designed to provide entertainment-focused content…and that’s where we came in.

The ask was to create custom ‘summer-inspired’ content for their summer campaign that would engage and captivate their café customers, encouraging them to stick around longer, ultimately translating into more coffee and food sales.

After several hours (and several double-doubles later) of observing how the Tim’s café customer interacted with the company’s in-house content, as well as interviewing dozens of customers in real time, we learned that the Tim’s TV viewer responded the most to informative ‘news’ and ‘tips’. And, because there’s no sound with the chain’s in-store content,their customers engaged best with video featuring bright, colourful visuals.

With that in mind, we produced 25 fun and highly-visual ‘pop art’-style segments featuring summer-inspired life hacks, summer shoe trends (for adults and kids), action-featured vacation ideas, and outdoor home design ideas – giving customers a reason to focus on the channel, while simultaneously increasing customer dwell time, decreasing perceived wait times and amplifying engagement.