At Radical Point Media we create strategies that connect your brand with a desired audience through fun, creative and focused storytelling, and by staying true to our high-level production values. This objective starts in our creative services department. Our writers, producers and digital strategists are each master storytellers with diverse experience in film, television, advertising, journalism, and social media. In short, we can tell any story that needs to be told.


Our amazing in-house animation department can easily handle all of your CGI needs. We offer: infographics, graphics design, motion graphics, as well as fully realized 3D modelling, architectural renderings, medical animations, technical animations and character animations.
Our team can make the unimaginable, imaginable. Always able to think outside of the box, their creative solutions to simplifying or enhancing story objectives continually amaze not only our clients, but the rest of the Radical Point Media team as well.


Simply put, we make everything we produce look professional and beautiful – whether it’s a short, single-camera testimonial or a full multi-camera production. Frankly, it’s the main driving force behind Radical Point Media; we love what we do, we’re good at it and we’re tired of the flood of poor quality content that we see all too often.
We know some of that substandard content is in direct relation to budget constraints. But, the fact is, good quality content doesn’t have to be expensive. And we want to prove it to you! Our producers, directors, sound technicians and camera teams have shot thousands of hours of content for corporate business, feature films and major TV networks; and it’s this experience, know-how and passion that allows us to deliver on our promise.


Our editors and sound engineers are without a doubt some of the best in North America; that’s a fact. Just ask them! But in all honesty, they do have reason to gloat. Unbeknownst to you, you’ve likely seen some of their award-winning work already.
Perhaps the best thing about our post team is that they are not ‘one trick ponies’ who can only offer one style. Each member knows how to apply the right visual and sound techniques to a video that best fit your specific story. Something most people may not ever think about.
And for the client who wants to take their content to the next level, we also offer full colour grading services that not only adhere to international broadcast standards, but add further creative options to the final look of your video.