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Our Process

Creating a compelling animated video requires teamwork and a clear vision. Here's how we work with you, step-by-step, to bring your animation to life:

Discovery Call

During this call we assess your project’s needs, pain points and timeline. We establish mutual expectations and gain the information needed to allow us to work quickly and efficiently.

Internal Project Overview

Our team collates information and reviews the project brief to assess what visual style will bring your project to life and achieve your goals.

Research & Script Writing

Our copywriters will research all story points before crafting your story for the best flow of information and visual layout. We also offer voiceover services.

Visual Storyboarding

Depending on the scope of your project, our illustrators will create storyboards allowing your team to see how our proposal for your animated story arc will unfold.

Pre-Animation Approval

Before our team moves any further, the project’s script, storyboard and content must be approved by the client.

Work In Progress (WIP approval)

We’ll share a Work-in-Progress (WIP), also known as an animatic, before finalizing the animation. This version previews the animation’s movement, timing, and overall pacing, allowing you to provide feedback before we add color and details.

Low-Resolution Delivery

This is the first full draft of the animation before we render the final version in full resolution. At this stage, your team is invited to provide final requests or notes.

Final Approvals

All content and visuals are reviewed one more time for accuracy, prior to the final render stage.


High-resolution animation with detailed elements, intricate movements and the perfect lighting requires extensive rendering time. Complex animations can take up to 24 hours to render 30 seconds of footage. This is why our streamlined approval process, including low-resolution previews, ensures we perfect your animation before this final step.

Final File Delivery

Once your project is complete, we work to ensure a smooth delivery. We’ll discuss your preferred file format and specifications to get your final assets delivered exactly as needed.