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We’re a Different Animation Studio

We're not just animating pixels; we're crafting experiences. So, let's collaborate to create something remarkable!

Radical Point Medical is a division of the award-winning graphic and animation studio, Radical Point Media. Founded in 2016 by entertainment industry veteran, Kirk Hipkiss, Radical Point Media has become one of North America’s leading motion graphics and animation studios, providing elevated visual stories to major film and TV broadcasting corporations such as A&E Networks, Bell Media, Cineplex Inc., Corus Entertainment, Entertainment One, NBC Universal, Vice Media, Warner Brothers Studios and more. Now, with Radical Point Medical, Kirk and his talented team of writers, producers and graphic artists are delivering the same high-quality visual storytelling to the medical and scientific communities.

Why Our Award-Winning Entertainment Background Matters!

Our entertainment background infuses creativity into every solution, ensuring technical excellence, plus engaging and memorable content.

We’ve carved out a reputation as radical trailblazers, blending the best of entertainment storytelling with the precision and depth required for medical and scientific animation videos. We not only excel in our technical ability, we bring a premium level of creativity, engagement, and entertainment value to our work.

Our success in captivating audiences in the entertainment industry translates seamlessly to the medical and scientific realm. Narrative techniques honed in the entertainment world are leveraged to craft compelling stories that simplify complex concepts, ensuring maximum engagement with unparalleled clarity, and helping our clients stand out in their fields.

Taking a different path from traditional medical and scientific animations, we bring an entertainment focused approach to storytelling, keeping viewers engaged and interested.

Choose Radical Point Medical for an animation studio partner that transforms complex scientific narratives into coherent, visually stunning, entertaining, and memorable experiences.

Attract Audiences Instantly with Compelling Content

Motion graphics and 3D animation are phenomenal tools for delivering complex information to audiences. But even the most complicated story should entertain. That’s where we come in!

Whether it’s providing visual aids for brand and product launches, education and training, research visualization, or healthcare marketing and medical sales, Radical Point Medical’s team knows how to entice audiences with original concepts, unique visuals and dynamic storytelling. We’re here to help enhance your hard work by providing alluring content that attracts viewers from the first frame.

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Keep Viewers Captivated till the End!

We create animation videos that increase viewer retention.

Demonstrative scientific animations are invaluable tools for enhancing the communication of complex concepts, across various fields – from astrology to biology, chemistry, physics and more. These areas often involve intricate processes and abstract ideas that static media alone struggles to convey effectively. Animation uniquely brings these mechanisms to life, helping viewers visualize dynamic movements, behaviours, and relationships, along with improving comprehension and information retention. And it can be especially effective for presenting new research, hypotheses, and theories, where visual representation is crucial for understanding.

Radical Point Medical is dedicated to becoming an indispensable asset in enhancing learning, improving communication, and fostering a greater appreciation of scientific innovations and discoveries. With a commitment to excellence, our goal is to work with you to revolutionize how science is taught, understood and shared!

Our Showreel… and other Inspirational styles!

We can create any animation style for your project. From simple or complex 2D to hyper-real 3D. We also offer our own RPMD template options that can save you money, by saving us time.