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Let’s Be Open About Pricing!

We encourage open dialogue throughout the process, ensuring your vision is translated accurately and to your satisfaction, while managing expectations and any potential need for changes.

We're not just animating pixels. we're crafting experiences. So, let's collaborate to create something remarkable!

At Radical Point Media we prioritize clear communication and straightforward pricing. Our approach involves dissecting each aspect of your project, providing detailed estimates and explaining the factors influencing the cost. Plus, we're all ears throughout the process, checking to ensure we're on the same page with your vision and ready to tweak things if needed.

It’s All In the Details

The complexity of your project is a key factor in determining the cost. Whether it's an illustration or 2D/3D animation, the intricacy of the design, level of detail and desired style all contribute to the overall price. That’s why we provide detailed estimates based on your project's unique requirements.

Beyond the Hard Costs

While cost is an important consideration, it's not the sole factor you need to consider. At Radical Point Media, we believe in delivering value beyond pricing. Our proven track record, quality of work, and ability to avoid costly revisions will save you time and money in the long run.

Invest In Professional Animation and You Invest in Bringing Your Vision To Life

By understanding the value of skilled professionals, the complexities of the craft, and the importance of collaboration, you’ll make informed decisions and embark on a successful animation journey; and Radical Point Media is ready to guide you through the animation landscape…transforming your ideas into unforgettable visuals.