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Testimonials From Our Clients

I’ve been really impressed with the quality of work from Radical Point Media. Their animations have helped highlight, illustrate and improve our projects with bespoke graphics that shine. Radical Point Media has upped the game in terms of the quality of our graphics.

Loren Ruch
Head Of Content - HGTV

“The contribution of Radical Point Media in enhancing our television series on A&E’s Home.made.Nation has been remarkable. Their innovative and customized graphics play a crucial role in adding a layer of polish and sophistication that truly sets our shows apart.”

Brad Holcman
Senior Director - A&E Primetime and HOME.MADE.NATION Development and Production

The big difference with Radical Point Media is that they are storytellers, so it’s not just about pretty images, it’s about creating a toolkit that helps make your story jump off the page in a succinct and exciting way.

Joe Livecchi
CEO - Wrigley Media Group

Radical Point Media is a top tier graphics company with the people to match. RPM provides the highest level of proficiency, customer service, collaboration and are just generally nice people to work with. It is an easy decision to continue throwing projects their way!

Ryan Grantham-Smith
VP Of Post-Production - RTR Media

Radical Point created the design graphics for Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge, and we were beyond thrilled with the final results! The whimsical toy-like graphics added a premium touch to the series and helped define the unique look of our show. RPM’s attention to detail and overall creativity exceeded our expectations in every way!

Dwight Smith
Co-president, EP - Mission Control Media

As I continue to lock and deliver these cuts, I find myself constantly blown away by your team. I couldn’t have dreamed up anything better. The animation really does sum up our show: chic, custom, unexpected and most importantly…never been done before. What an incredible graphics moment!

Cara Volchoff
Executive Producer - Nikki Ray Media

RPM’s expertise and creativity are invaluable when illustrating complex plans for our audience. The sheer quality of RPM’s animation is often unparalleled, with a level of detail and dynamism that is both impressive and immersive.

Doug Jones
Director Of Internal Graphics - Pilgrim Media Group

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Radical Point Media on several projects, and they’ve delivered stunning work every single time. From initial creative talks to the final product, the process and ease of communication is always seamless, and the level of detail is unreal! I can’t emphasize enough how wonderful and vital it’s been to partner with them for our graphic needs.

Lily Sears
Producer - Departure Films

I absolutely needed a team that could bring ideas, creativity and patience to create the GFX package for Kitchen Glow Up with Ellen Marie Bennett and that is exactly what I got with Radical Point. Season 1’s are always hard. So much back and forth and small changes and the team at Radical Point walked with us every step of the way. I couldn’t be happier with the process and the result.

Patrick McMahill
VP of Production - Intuitive Content

Radical Point Media was super easy to work with! They asked a ton of questions right away, provided detailed storyboards showing us their vision, and clearly did their research! Overall, their work helped explain extremely technical information in a simple and captivating style.

Maria Knight
Executive of Production ‘Making It To The Moon’ - Entertainment One

Our Clients

At Radical Point Media, we view our clients as partners in the creative process and are dedicated to understanding and fulfilling their unique goals.

RPM prioritizes effective communication, transparency and collaboration. As a reliable and dedicated ally, we ensure our clients have a seamless experience from concept to completion.