Regrettably, a great product or service isn’t always enough to fuel your business’ growth…or to attract new customers and gain their trust. Brand videos, on the other hand, are a brilliant way to connect with people and authentically show them what the brand is all about and what makes your product stand out.

That’s why we were excited when LuxStory Media and property development firm Empire Communities approached us. Empire wanted a branded video campaign to showcase their latest community development project, and it had to appeal to their full spectrum of potential buyers from private investors & first-timers, to second-home families & those moving down.

That meant featuring a variety of layouts and design styles. In addition, we were asked to find a way to entice an urban audience to consider relocating to their newly-built community, located over an hour outside of the city.

And, of course, we wanted to ensure that we represented the client’s values, showcased the quality of their product, worked in some happy clients, and made the whole story genuine. Within two weeks of research, and a couple of wet, muddy location visits, we proposed producing an arced ‘design’ series: Love Design.

Told over four dynamic episodes, the series would speak to the company’s philosophy by offering a behind-the-scenes look at the thoughtfulness and process that goes into creating a brand new community. The story would be told through the eyes of the design team responsible for making people feel like they’re coming home upon walking into the community’s model houses.

And we’d get that reaction…actual buyers touring the finished models of their homes they’ve just purchased, for the first time! A colourful journey with a great design reveal…plus four pieces of additional short-form “design tip” content was the perfect strategy – ticking the client’s boxes of showcasing a wide range of home styles, appealing to their varied demographics, and delivering Empire’s company vision and mission to create great communities in an entertaining and informative video campaign.